Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow Change.

Something odd happens in snow storms. For a few hours every winter our very inward focused selfs and the individual based society we belong to becomes somewhat communal. Those who choose to brave the roads are instantly transformed into soldiers of do-gooders. Drafted to help any and every standard driver make it out of the ditch. In this rank and file there are some that rise to the top of even the noblest of heaps. These brave souls just drive around looking for those in trouble and offer a tow out of the ditch, the use of the snow shovel or a ride to a warm refuge.

Besides this odd phenomenon of car compassion. There is a united state of adventure and a collective spirt of group survival. It's the instant ice breaker to the cashier who we barely treat as human sometimes. So, how about that Snow storm Huh? What's up with that?

Roommates band together to shovel the driveway so they guy who needs to get out the next day at 6am can. There isn't a lot of complaining or over thanking. Only a due diligence of what needs to be done and the instinct that it needs to be done together.

Text messages of well wishes of safety are sent. We all are forced to spend time with those in closest proximity because there is nothing else to do but share the expertise of those who are litterly closest . Plans are canceled and our over stimulated lives are forced to take a breath and slow down for a night.

I wonder if we would be a bit better off with a few more snow storms in our lives?

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