Sunday, May 1, 2011

Draft of the Summer Bucket List

Last summer, I started the tradition of creating a bucket list of things to do before Summer kicks the buckets. Between memorial day and labor day, I will try and accomplish as many things on this list that I can.

2011 Summer Bucket List - Draft 1

1. Hold a newborn baby
2. Watch a horse race 
3. Ride a roller coaste
4. See a movie on a roof top
5. See a theater production in the outdoor
6. Go to a baseball game in the rain
7. Call a friend you haven't talked to in 3 months
8. Watch the Sun-Rise
9. Go on a picnic
10. Try at least 3 new non-chain restaurants 
11.  Pay for the person behind you in the drive through
12. Get an autograph of a celebrity
13. Get 50 Postcards from 50 states
14. Learn a new parlor game
15. Order off the menu at a restaurant
16. Wine Tasting
17. Drive in Movie Theater
18. Watch Wizard of the OZ With Dark Side of the Moon
19. Play Chess in a park
20. Drink a Pina Colada and get caught in the rain
21. Get on TV
22. Slow Dance in the moonlight
23. Respectfully attend the funeral of stranger
24. Volunteer for a day at a food shelf
25. Milk a cow
26. Cut someone else's hair
27. Tip a canoe
28. Watch a season of a show your parents liked
29. Ask your grandparent to tell you a story
30. Make a Sculpture
31. Make a treasure map to find something you buried
32. Visit someone else's church 
33. Tell some jokes at an open mic night 
34. Rent a bike from NiceRide
35. Design a T-Shirt 
36. Do someone else's laundry 
37. Start a squirt gun fight
38. Go to a pot-luck
39. Find a new hobby
40. Throw an unplanned party

Right now I have 40 things on this list. My total list will have 50. Any suggestions for the final 10? Also anyone want to join me!