Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dropped Passes as a Call to Action

Those sports fans out there may off saw this already, but a Buffalo Bill's wide receiver Steve Johnson dropped a game winning pass last Sunday and then blamed God for it.

Check out this link for the video and the tweet:

I feel bad for Mr. Johnson. It's though watching your shortcomings be replayed and knit-picked to death week after week. Sports, celebrity and political stars live too public of a life for anyone's good.

His comments don't surprise me though. Nothing new under the sun. This is a classical discusion of how God intervenes in our world. Does he predestine everything as the followers of Calvin believe? Does he watch from a high heavenly stoop and jump in when things get particularly hairy or the prayers of the person are strong enough? Maybe he doesn't intervine at all and is just waiting for everything to go to hell in a handbasket and then end it all!

Truth of the matter is it's a mystery. Did God stop Steve Johnson for dropping that pass? I don't know. No one really knows. Oh sure -- there are plenty of answers on paper. Different points a view for us to argue back and forth on. At the end of the day -- we have to be ok with not knowing the answer.

At this point, I hope anyone who reads this blog has seen the movie Inception. If not, skip this post, copy the link in the web browser, email it to your self and reread the post after you've seen the movie. In the ending scene the audience is left not knowing if the main characters are in the real world or not. Most people were left with a frustration of not knowing. Yet, I think it's a nice metaphor for a way to live and an interesting approach to these type of philosophical and religious questions. It doesn't matter so much on what the right answer is, but what are going to do about it. What world are they in at the end of the movie? We don't know. Are we in a real world or dream world? We don't know and it doesn't really matter. What does matter is are you going to do to make the Gospel truth known in the world that you are in. Does God make us drop football passes? How about a bigger question... Why doesn't God make it rain in draught stricken countries where people just need clean water and die because of their lack of it?

We don't know. What I do know is I can take action as Christ calls us to do. So, when you get sick of the hub-bub of the lives of those who are famous being made into news or are sick of arguing what theological perspective is most correct --.Let those situations serve to both you and I as a gentle reminder to a call of action to help those who need it.

***On a side note, it must be hard to be Buffalo Bills fan, maybe even harder then being a Viking fan. The Bills are the only team to play in four consecutive super bowls and loose each and every time.***

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