Tuesday, December 21, 2010

River Falls....

I spent today scoping out at the campus of UW: River Falls for camp. After spending well over a decade at UW: Stout we've decided it would be in our best interest to switch the jr. high location. I was accompanied by two great  summer staff, Kelly and Johnny. Both will be playing major roles this summer and I wanted them to get a feel for what camp will be like there. 

I had checked out the space two other times before today and it's unique space. Half lecture hall and half night club. Like any new space it will bring new character into the experience of club and ultimately camp.  There are many challenges when you flip a campus. One of the major ones is helping people figure out where to do things. We spent time just sitting and soaking in the new space. 

Very exciting. New changes always equal new challenges. Yet, I think changing locations will energize our staff, spark some new program ideas and help forward our vision. Both Johnny and Kelly affirmed that space and I think all three of us are really looking forward to having camp there. 

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