Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Hobby: Kinetic Typography

One fairly recent style of video is called Kinetic Typography

Here is a awesome example:

I'm pretty enamored by the style. Earlier tonight, in order to get my mind off of work and other things, I started learning how to make my own Kinetic Typography. More like drowned myself in it for hours. The process is extra complicated because I'm also learning After Effects at the same time. AE very cool, very powerful but very non-intuitive software. Thankfully the all seeing eye of knowledge called the internet is teaching me one step at a time. More accurately one step over and over until I get it, but unlike my string of underpaid and under appreciated math teachers, videos don't care if it takes 10 explanations until you understand it.

My first project is to the song Love Like Woe by the Ready Set. I like the song, it's super catchy, fun to dance to and it speaks to being on the hook . Which is a subject so near and dear to my heart.

I'll post my project up here when it's done. Pretty pumped to have a new hobby.

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