Thursday, December 2, 2010

Epic Fall: Weekends in Review

I had a run of really awesome weekends this fall.

Weekend of Oct 8th - Caroline and I went to Nebraska to visit Kelly. Theater, a haunted maze, coffee shops and driving the wrong direction 2 hours on the trip home.

Weekend of Oct 15 - YMN- Last Supper Party on Thursday. Kelly,  Phillip and Seth come up to visit Alex and I. We watch the husker game, they lost. Dance #1 @ St. Hubert's. Full Summer Staff all come and dance. 3 week staff reunion at our  place afterwards. Alex and I go to Trail of Terror on Sunday with P & K, I sleep with lights on afterwards.

Weekend of Oct 22 - MEA get-a-way at camp castaway. Was on the program team with Pete, Eddy, Mark and Katy. Took an RV up. Lot's of character on that team. Saw a kid get hit by a car. We did a crazy video project, then the hard drive crashed right before then event. Got it all to work, barely. Cessar shared the Gospel. Awesome. God moved. Dance #2 @ Castaway. Packed floor.

Weekend of Oct 29 - Roommates + Friends + Friends of Friends throw dance #3 @ Warehouse. An Epic Halloween rave. Crazy costumes.

Weekend of Nov 5th - Run game show blitz at a church on Friday. Do dance #4 @ Watertown for WAYM. It was a backlight dance. Awesome backlight costumes... so many teens. Do another game-show and dance #5 @ Owtonna for a Youth Rally

Weekend of Nov 12th - It snows a lot. We go out for Johnny's birthday to shout house. Dance #6 @ Rochester Church for a sr. high youth rally. Last dance for a while.

Weekend of Nov 19th - Johnny and I + other friends go to NWYC. Learn a lot. Think a lot. Dream a lot. Come back to winter. Grosse.

6 rock'n dance and 7 great weekends. What a fall. Winter is got a lot to compete with.

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