Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hipster Potluck

My good buddy Dan had a hipster pot-luck last night. For those not in the know, a hipster pot-luck is where everyone brings a dish from a local take-out place and then you through them on a buffet and eat them potluck style. Great concept and it was a lot of fun. I brought a crave case from white castle; which includes 30 slider hamburgers. Stretching the term take-out for sure, yet it was still well received.

Darby introduced me to the slider a few months back. There is something about his genration that loves white castle. Maybe that originally they only cost a nickel. I don't have that nostalgia. I think the burgers are at best are just ok. However, to be able to bring 30 of them to a potluck seemed too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Dan had at least 25 people crammed in his mid-size apartment, which was great and had plenty of people to make conversation with. Things I learned last night: If you ever dj a wedding at the Zoo: the dolphins like to dance to Frank Sinatra, several places that give grants to one time theater projects, and a link to video of an atheist encouraging more religious education.

There is observation that I made last night that has confirmed a sneaking suspicion. That at a party where people are coming and going there is a small range of size that I don't do well with. Right around 10-14 mark. It's too big to have sucessfull small group of conversation with and successfully have everyone participate. There are just too many voices that want to talk, yet in a setting like that, there is not enough space for you to not be in ear shoot of the whole group, so other conversations get hijacked back into a big group. Settings like this give the talkers of the world free reign to dominate. Which I'm not complaining about, just observing that this happens.

Jesus had 12, 13 counting him. That's in that awkward group dynamics bubble described above. I wonder how he did it? Well he was God, so he had that part going for him. Has anyone else noticed the strange attributes of a mid sized gatherings of people in group genesis?

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