Sunday, November 20, 2011

NYWC Post #1

I just returned from NYWC and there are quite a few things stirring in my soul. I'm going to be flushing some of those ideas out on this blog. Before the conference I penned a few questions I wanted to wrestle with durring the weekend. I also asked 3 fellow journeyers to pitch in some thoughts: Johnny Davy - my traveling partner for the weekend, Alex - my brother and Kelly - my ministry accomplish. Here is the list we came up with for Youth Forum and myself:

1. How does Youth Forum serve the Summer Festival Team? Right Now? 3 months? 6? 1 Year? 3?
2. What is the vision for project Utah?
3. What is the long term vision of Youth Forum?
4. How can we better promote camp?
5. Camp topics? Fun Idea Topics?
6. What is good database software?
7. How do I regularly become challenged theologically?
8. What does personal bible study look like for me?
9. What are you going to do for the teaching at Link
10. What does ministering to post-modern christians look like?
11. What is YF SWOT right now?
12. How do we minister to hurting young people, with out sacrificing main streamers
13. How can we continue to use new technology to connect with teenager?
14. How do we have meaningful conversation with over stimulated youth?
15. What do you do with confirmands who should not be confirmed?
16. How do we change confirmation to more like the early church?
17. What is the role of morality for christian and non-Christians? Summer Fest Team?
18. How do we show family love in a team setting? How to we heal outliers?

This is what rattling around in my head over the weekend. It was great. Glad to be back. I will be processing a lot of these on the blog?

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