Monday, August 8, 2011

Executive Committee Celabration

Tonight, I had the chance to have a very fancy dinner with a group of people who've I've grown  rather fond of spending time with, the Youth Forum executive committee. This a group of people who've thrown their arms around me and want to see our ministry succeed. They are very smart and have invested a lot of time, energy, love, prayers and patience with me. If you are in ministry - find people like this. It's so life giving to be invited to be a part of a community of Jesus people who are so faithful and so in tune to what God would have for us. They are the shoulders of giants which this camp generation stands on.

They insisted that I read Dance, Children, Dance: The story of Jim Rayburn founder of Young Life

The book sounds pretty foundational to understanding the movement that Youth Forum spawned out of.  I've been quite burnt out on reading, but need to follow through with this one. I will post some thoughts on it in a future post.

God is faithful. For such a time is this. Can't wait for what will soon prove to be a crazy year of following God.

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