Sunday, March 27, 2011

Strength Finder

According to the Strength Finder assessment my five top strengths are:

Futuristic - one who has a keen sense of using an eye towards the future to drive today's success
Belief - one who strives to find some ultimate meaning behind everything they do
Activator - one who acts to start things in motion
Empathy - one who is especially in tune with the emotions of others
Developer - one who sees the untapped potential in others

I can see most of these playing out in my current postion at Youth Forum. The one that was most surprising to me to see pop-up was activator. After reflection, I can see this one being  my top strength. The description in Strengths Finder 2.0 of an activator being someone who wants to take act immediately as soon as  a decision is made and that fits me to a T. I'm most productive and inspired in the immediate moments after camp program meetings, coffee gatherings with youth ministers, and executive committee sessions. I believe that this is part of the reason why I enjoy meetings more then most. After a session is done, I feel the urge to take action on what was concluded immediately after. Often the longer I wait, the less enthusiasm or gusto I feel towards a project.

Having futuristic pop-up as a strength was great, because I'm sure that if Walt Disney had to take the assessment,  he would also have had that strength. It's nice to have something in common with one of the giants of industry you aspire after. Also, it's something that I see play out day in and day out in providing leadership to Youth Forum. 

Belief I think is very connected to vision. Having both makes a lot of sense to me, as belief is what shapes vision and gives it reason, purpose and meaning. The strength of belief helps answer the question: Why is it important that you want something to look or be a certain way?  Anyone who has heard me ramble on camp philosophy or theology of an environment for even a short time knows that in my opinion the vision of the way things should be done need to be stemmed from an ideal. Really,  I believe is that the future is just a chance to better live out ideals. As far as empathy and developer, these are strengths I can see in myself for sure, but not as strong as the other three. Also, if I were taking a personal inventory, I would of picked a few others higher then them. However, maybe I'm more altruistic then I think I am. Which would be a bit poetic. 

I was very surprised that adaptability did not show up higher, as I feel one of my greatest gifts is solving problems quickly in crisis. When a leader is needed, and decisions need to be made, I step up and can handle the pressure. This was not well reflected in the assessment. 

Colleges and friends do you see these strengths in me? What are your strengths? 


  1. Also,

    My meyers-brigs is: ENFP

    My receiving love langue are: Quality Time and words of affirmation

    My sending love langue is: giving gifts

    I'm a visual-spacial and interpersonal learner

    Lastly, the Disney princess I'm most like is Disney Princess Jasmine.

  2. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. I'm surprised you needed a test to affirm these things, but after discovering your love language, I suppose that makes sense.
    As for adaptability not showing up, don't be discouraged. Look at it this way: there could only be five. Of those five, which one would you have removed to make sure adaptability made the list? I completely agree that it could/should be on there, but then I would make the same argument for the five that are already up there. So which one would it replace?