Friday, March 11, 2011

Eyes on the Horizan

Today was a day of plan hatching, of scheming, of plotting. I love days like this. Days where the future is on our mind. I think half of the fun of being in the event business for me is the dreaming of what something could be or could look like. Anticipation is key.

In the morning, I was up at camp friendship; the possible home of a new winter retreat we're designing at Youth Forum Labs for winter of 2012. It was great seeing their facility and starting to think about next winter.

This afternoon was spent with one of my former professor and a fellow youth ministry alum planning a Bethel Alumni Youth Ministry group for the fall. The community we're talking about starting would be kick'n to be apart of.

Tonight I played some really great laser tag games with a new church that a Youth Ministry connection just started working at. In the midsts of the cosmic battle zone, we planned a few future events with his church and even better... we planned to get coffe to get to catch up.

Then on the way home one of my volunteers and I hashed out a possible prom themed dance for the spring... just for fun!

This admits text messages and emails planning camp elements for this summer, meetings for next week, and plans for tomorrow.

When we prayed today for BAYM, a prayer was risen that this be within God's plans and not just our own. This is a constant prayer of those of us who plan and needs to be something repeated often so we don't loose sight of the one who is in charge.

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